In-line Lamination:

Fukuvi USA, Inc. specializes in the lamination of profiles for any industry. Whereas most companies that laminate profiles do so as a secondary process, Fukuvi USA laminates profiles in the extrusion line.

In-line lamination is very difficult to master because of the amount of precision required. Thanks to Fukuvi USA’s technical expertise, we can use this process to give your product a competitive advantage.

Why in-line lamination?

Fukuvi USA can extrude a variety of plastics, including::

  • Lower Cost – In conventional methods, parts are usually laminated in short batches after extrusion. This adds extra labor and processes, and causes excessive waste. Fukuvi USA’s in-line lamination is done efficiently in one step. This process allows for longer runs while reducing waste, providing a higher-quality finish for less money.
  • Improved Quality – Since the lamination and extrusion are done simultaneously, a more consistent, uniform appearance can be achieved.

Enhance your product’s appearance.

Fukuvi USA can laminate in any number of styles and designs. Some possible uses for laminated extrusions:

    • Woodgrain Patterns – Give the inside surfaces of your window frames added visual impact by matching it with existing wood trim!
    • Metallic Foils – Add an eye-catching trim piece to your appliance or furniture product!
    • Matte Surfaces – Cover over bare plastic with an attractive matte finish!
    • Countless Possibilities – Choose a custom foil or a stock pattern from the supplier. The sky truly is the limit!


With Fukuvi USA’s in-line lamination technology, you can add value to your products and fulfill your lamination needs at less cost than traditional methods!